Why You Should Use Exposed Aggregate Concrete When Designing Your New Place

If you plan to build a custom home on a newly acquired plot, then you have the opportunity to make it unique. You will need to work with architects, designers and builders to do the best job possible, and you'll also need to ensure that the paving both inside and outside is well done. Why should you consider exposed aggregate concrete, and how will this benefit you?

Thinking of Aggregate

Many people will choose to introduce a sealed driveway from the perimeter of the property to their front door. The choice of material and technique here will certainly make an initial statement and will help to prepare visitors for their experience. It is certainly possible to use asphalt as this is very functional and a proven product, but concrete can often perform better, especially in the harsh Australian conditions.

Practical and Beautiful

Exposed aggregate concrete can be more than just practical and can mirror the design and vibe of the property itself. It will include various coloured oxides, stones and even particles of glass, all of which are introduced to the product mix during installation. After the driveway and other areas have been laid, the top surface is ground away, and this can expose the aggregate in a beautiful finish.

Many Choices

Many people choose to use this approach when it comes to paving an internal courtyard, laying a path that winds its way through a garden or introducing a swimming pool patio. The end result will be uniform, yet each piece of pavement will be different, depending on the mix of oxides, glass and stones.

Low Maintenance and Safe

If you work with experienced contractors, you will get a product that is not just good to look at but relatively easy to maintain as well. The surface can be sealed, and it is always nonslip, so it's perfectly safe for you or your kids to walk or run on it, even when it's wet.

Bring in Your Contractors at the Design Stage

As you work with your architects and designers, you'll want to incorporate different colours and textures on those internal or external surfaces. You can also bring in your concrete contractor at this stage and see how those elements can be added into the mix as rough aggregate as well. You'll then be able to create a seamless connection between the outside of your property and the inside, which is sure to impress all of your visitors.

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