Have You Considered Using an Exposed Aggregate Surface Around Your Home?

If you are using concrete around your property and are looking for a way to make your dull concrete surfaces appear more decorative, then using exposed aggregate is probably your best option. Exposed aggregate has been used for many years and can create an extremely versatile finish for both vertical applications and flatwork. Here are four reasons that you should think about including exposed aggregate on your property.

Wide application

While concrete is commonly used for big, open surface slabs, exposed aggregate can be easily incorporated into more complicated designs. Instead of using conventional stamped concrete or hardscape, why not try using exposed aggregate for your borders and exposed bands? These are a simple way to introduce a touch of sophistication to any domestic garden. One of the things that you never need to worry about with exposed aggregate is the possibility that it will go out of fashion. Exposed aggregate has been used for generations and is a timeless technique that will ensure your deck or patio is always in style.

Improved traction

One of the most important characteristics of any flooring, driveway or pool deck is that it can be safely walked on. No-one wants to fit a surface that will be a long-term safety risk for their family and friends. Using exposed aggregate is a great way to create a non-skid surface. The added texture provided by the aggregate ensures that even standing water on a pool deck or puddles on a driveway do not create a hazard for the unwary.

Low maintenance

No-one wants to spend too long have to take care of their home when they would rather be relaxing or getting on with their life. There are some types of surface that you could choose but which require regular attention. Part of the beauty of exposed aggregate is that the required maintenance is similar to regular, non-decorative concrete. All you need to think about is an occasional clean and resealing as needed. Apart from that, the surface will largely take care of itself.

Greater Flexibility

When you choose to work with exposed aggregate, it is possible to create a variety of appearances. By exposing the aggregate to different depths, you can produce a range of colours and textures. While traditional concrete can look quite uniform in appearance by exposing the aggregate you can add interest to the design.  

If you think exposed aggregate could be right for your home, then talk to your local supplier today.

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