Advantages of Polished Concrete for Your Kitchen Floor

Rather than a traditional flooring option for your kitchen, why not consider stunning polished concrete instead? Here are several advantages.

Requires Only Basic Concrete Slab

Polished concrete only requires a basic concrete slab. You can even use existing concrete that may sit underneath your current flooring, so long as it's in sound condition. Contractors use grinding machines with diamond pads. They use progressively finer diamond grits to increase the shine level. Thus, you can do without additional materials such as tiles or planks, which will save you from having to pay for these coverings.

Colour Options

You may love the glossy finish of raw grey concrete. However, you can also add colour to polished concrete, even if you're using a current slab. Contractors can apply dyes or stains to the surface before the final grinding stage. Unlike paint, these colours permeate the concrete, so they won't simply be polished away.

Dyes come in a broad array of colours, and they provide quite predictable results. However, the final colour depends on the makeup of a specific concrete slab. Stains come in muted tones that give an earthy look to the flooring. And chemical stains react with the concrete to create antiquing and marbling effects that resemble natural stone. Thus, polished concrete offers many design choices for your kitchen.

Various Shine Levels Possible

Another way you can customise polished concrete is by choosing a specific shine level. You can opt for a glossy mirror finish, which will bounce light around the room for a brighter ambience. However, you can also specify a soft sheen or matte appearance. The contractors will then stop the polishing process at an earlier stage before the floor becomes too lustrous.

Suits Various Kitchen Styles

Polished concrete also suits diverse kitchen styles. You could stick with grey for an industrial space. Or else, use stains to give the impression of stone in a traditional kitchen. You can lay this flooring in modern, rustic, and many other kitchens.

Safe and Non-slippery

You may be concerned that polished concrete will be overly slippery. However, it is no more hazardous than many other polished floors. You can also use anti-slip conditioners, which you can mop over the floor. Another possibility is for the contractors to add a sealant with anti-slip additives to give the kitchen floor a better grip. Of course, always wipe up spills promptly to avoid accidents and keep the kitchen safer.

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