Why It's Smart To Buy A Concrete Slab To Go Under Your HVAC Unit

If you are having an HVAC unit installed soon, you should look into buying a concrete slab to put underneath it. If you've never done this before and don't really know why you should do it, consider the following reasons.

Buying It Yourself Might Be Better

In some cases, HVAC companies will provide a concrete slab for their customers. Therefore, you don't necessarily have to worry about buying the slab yourself. However, if you want to be sure that you're getting a good-quality concrete slab, and if you want to potentially save a little bit of money on it, you might just want to buy it from a concrete company yourself. After all, many of these companies sell concrete slabs to the general public.

It Can Handle The Weight Of Your Unit

Concrete slabs are ideal for going underneath HVAC units specifically because they are so strong and durable. HVAC units can be very heavy. However, a good-quality concrete slab of the proper size should be able to handle the weight of your HVAC unit without any problem.

You Can Take Care Of Your HVAC Unit

It's a good idea to set up your HVAC unit on top of a concrete slab so that you can protect it. Having your HVAC unit on a concrete slab helps prevent it from sinking. It also helps prevent your unit from vibrating too much. Taking this simple step when having your HVAC unit installed can be a good way to get better performance from your unit and prevent your unit from undergoing unnecessary wear and tear.

It's Easier To Do It Beforehand

If you're having an HVAC unit installed soon, you might assume that you can always add a concrete slab underneath it later on, if necessary. Even though it is possible to do this, you then have to worry about how you're going to lift the heavy HVAC unit. You might also be worried about damaging the HVAC unit and its various cables and wires while you're picking it up, too. If you have a concrete slab that can be put in place before the HVAC unit is ever installed, you will probably find this is easier. Plus, if you set up the concrete slab before the HVAC team arrives at your home to install your unit, this can be a good way to point out exactly where you want your unit to be installed on your property.

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