Reasons to Install Aggregate Concrete on Your Driveway

If you want the strength of concrete with attractive pebble patterns, you could opt for exposed aggregate concrete for your driveway. Here are some reasons why it's an excellent choice.

Customise the Design

Aggregate concrete is made up of cement that's filled with little stones and pebbles in different colours. You can mix colours to customise the driveway to match your house. You could opt for a mix of darkly coloured stones in blue, grey and black that will hide tyre marks. Alternatively, you can choose light-coloured stones in cream, white, tan and subtle pink. The exposed aggregate is beautifully natural-looking. Plus, it has an interesting bumpy texture.

Safe Surface

Exposed aggregate is perfect for a driveway as it's a very safe surface. The texture provides traction that gives tyres a better grip. Plus, you'll be less likely to slip if you're walking on the driveway. If your property is on a steep incline, you can increase the texture by choosing stones of a certain size and shape.

You can pick round or angular stones, bigger or smaller ones, to add to the cement. The type you choose will determine the concrete's texture. Ask your driveway installation experts for their advice on how to make the driveway as safe as possible in dry and wet conditions.

In any case, the concrete will have a subtle slope so that the rain flows away and doesn't leave puddles. It may slope towards the road or in another direction if your property is not flat, and it may include a drain as well.

Long Lasting

Another reason to choose exposed aggregate for a driveway is that it's strong and long-lasting. Exposed aggregate is similar to ordinary concrete, except it has additional stones and pebbles for decoration. It's just as strong as grey concrete, and possibly even stronger due to the stones you've added. Some crushed rocks, such as granite, are extremely hard and durable.

Your installer can advise on the strength of different mixes. They can also seal the paving, making it less porous and more resilient so it won't absorb stains so easily. A sealant will ensure the concrete looks new for longer.

An exposed aggregate concrete driveway is built to withstand the weight of vehicles. It has a thick sub-base of crushed and compacted sand and gravel. Plus, the concrete underneath may have a steel mesh inside to make it particularly sturdy.

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