The Pros That Coloured Concrete Offers Over Conventional Concrete

If you are looking to revamp the appearance of your exterior flooring, you could be planning to deviate from traditional concrete supplies due to their bland appearance. Hence, it is not surprising that some homeowners may be looking toward more visually appealing materials such as brick or natural stone that will add a touch of pizzazz to this space. But one major drawback of the aforementioned materials is that they can be quite expensive. Nonetheless, having a modest budget does not mean the exterior of your residence should be unattractive. An alternative to consider is coloured concreting. Below are a few of the pros that coloured concrete offers over conventional concrete.

Alluring addition

A major reason why you should elect to utilise coloured concrete for your hardscaping needs is the enticing appearance that it adds to your residence. To begin with, you are not limited to a specific range of colours, as the concrete can be dyed to virtually any hue that you want. Additionally, the coloured concrete can be stamped, just like regular concrete. Therefore, you also have flexibility when it comes to selecting your preferred patterns. Alternatively, you could simply choose to have the coloured concrete polished to add a glossy touch to your exterior flooring. So when it comes to creativity, you are assured that coloured concrete will be an alluring addition to your premises.

Conceal stains

Freshly laid concrete, even with its boring grey colour, does have a somewhat visually satisfying appearance since it is one uniform colour. Nevertheless, over time, the continual exposure to foot traffic and direct sunlight can lead to parts of the concrete changing colour due to stains and UV exposure. As a result, the previously uniform appearance is now besmirched with unsightly blemishes that make your exterior flooring unappealing. Fortunately, you will not have to contend with this staining when you opt for coloured concrete. Deep hues such as royal blue or even black will automatically cover up any splotches on the surface of the concrete. Moreover, since the pigment is premixed into the concrete and the surface is coated with sealant, your coloured concrete will have a higher resistance to ultraviolet exposure than conventional concrete.

Simple upkeep

Speaking of colour durability, the third advantage of opting for coloured concrete is the longevity of the material. Firstly, as stated, the hue will not fade prematurely, so your concrete floors will remain pristine for a long time. Secondly, the protective sealant keeps the concrete safe from scuffs and other cosmetic damages.

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