How to Make Your Very Own Commercial Version of Kerb Appeal

Have you heard of the phrase 'kerb appeal'? This is often used to refer to how attractive the exterior of a residential property is to potential buyers. It's also possible to use this term in relation to a commercial property to determine whether or not the first-time visitor is suitably impressed and will offer their custom. So, if you are about to open a business, why do you need to pay close attention to the make-up of your car park, the first encounter for most people?

Creating an Impression

Face it, people are not going to be particularly impressed with your organisation if they have to splash through puddles and don't know where to park their car when they arrive. They may not be able to look past this inconvenience and may form a negative opinion before they go any further.

You will need to ensure that you pave the car park so that you have a uniform surface and can identify separate parking bays. You'll also need to make sure that the perimeter of the parking area is defined to keep any landscaping in its place and to show that you are as organised as you can be.

Installing Your Kerbs

Once you have paved the surface and painted your parking bays, install a line of concrete kerbing all around the edge. Make sure that you get precast blocks that have been designed for the purpose and that will be able to put up with all weather conditions through the year.

You will also need to introduce wheel stops and place these a metre or so away from the kerbs; otherwise, your overanxious visitors may stray over the edge. This is a situation you'll want to avoid at all costs as they may damage your installed kerbs and could cause damage to the underside of the vehicle in question.

In certain areas, you will need to replace conventional kerbs with ramps or other products that are made for those with disabilities. These will have to be installed according to a strict specification as laid down by the government to make sure that you comply in every area.

Getting Your Products

Talk with your concrete contractors and give them the dimension of your new car park. They'll be able to provide you with the right number of concrete products so that you can create your very own version of kerb appeal.

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