Inspo for Revamping the Appearance of Your Concrete Driveway

If the exterior of your home is beginning to look dull, you could be wondering what renovations you can engage in to improve its visual appeal without having to break the bank. Admittedly, there are seemingly endless options when it comes to exterior remodelling projects, so where do you start? The trick to successfully updating the overall appearance of your exterior is to pick one large element that immediately draws the eye, for example, the driveway. Whether your concrete driveway has started to look worse for wear or simply needs a bit of oomph, here is some inspiration that will help you revamp it and subsequently restore the kerb appeal of your residence.


Despite the durability of concrete that makes it ideally suited for driveway applications, its surface can be quite plain. So if you have never taken any measures to enhance the appearance of the concrete, you may find that blandness is beginning to detract from the rest of your property's aesthetic, more so if you have recently engaged in a hardscaping project. Fortunately, you do not have to go to great lengths to improve its appeal when you opt for stamping. As implied by the name, the concrete contractors use a variety of different types of stamps to create depth by adding texture and patterns on the surface of the concrete and this can dramatically change one's perception of the driveway.  For instance, creating paving patterns makes the driveway look like it comprises natural stone rather than concrete, without the hefty price tag of this material.

Exposed aggregate

Over time, exposure to precipitation and UV rays causes the surface of the concrete driveway to abrade, creating a smooth texture. This gradual degradation poses several problems. For starters, the compromised surface becomes vulnerable to damage since it is not more susceptible to moisture damage, cracks, crumbling and so on. In addition to this, the smoother the surface of the driveway, the less traction it provides. Thus, during the wetter months, slip and fall accidents are at an all-time high, especially if you have kids that play on the driveway. The best way to combat this problem while simultaneously improving the aesthetic appeal of the concrete driveway is to integrate a layer of exposed aggregate onto the surface. Formed by eliminating the top sublayer of concrete to reveal the textured aggregates underneath such as glass, pebbles and more, this overlay is not only decorative but it is highly tactile too, making your driveway non-slip once more.

Other measures you can take to revamp the appearance of your concrete driveway and subsequently restore the kerb appeal of your residence include acid staining and stencilling.

For more tips on revamping your concrete driveway, reach out to a local concrete contractor.

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