Benefits of an Exposed Aggregate Driveway

If you're looking for new paving for your driveway, you could consider exposed aggregate, which provides a raft of benefits. To discover what these are, read on.


One of the main advantages of exposed aggregate is that you can adapt it to suit your garden and home. Contractors can add pigments to the cement, imbuing it with different shades. They can also add aggregates of specific colours to finetune the aesthetic. For instance, you could instruct your concrete specialists to insert blue, grey and ivory river stones for an elegant driveway. Mix and match pebbles of any colour you prefer. They come in shades of red, yellow, green, grey and endless other hues.

Another way you can customise the paving is by adjusting the aggregate amount and number. You could fill the cement with a lot of aggregates. The driveway would then mostly display aggregates rather than bare cement. Alternatively, you could add only minimal aggregates, in which case, more smooth concrete would show between the decorative bits. You can also mix up the materials you add by including shells, coloured glass pieces and other items.

Textured and Safe

These driveways are safe as they provide a textured surface which offers traction. Even in rainy weather, you'll be less likely to slip and car tyres will be able to grip the surface. You have ultimate control over the texture by including specifically shaped aggregates. Rounded river pebbles form smoother surfaces than crushed angular stone pieces from a pulverising machine.

Another factor that affects the texture is how much the aggregates protrude from the paving. Contractors can remove a lot of cement so that they protrude strongly. Or else, they can only wash away minimal cement, so the aggregates only peep through to create smoother paving. Your concreting experts can advise on the effects of various materials and techniques. You might be particularly interested in barefoot-friendly paving around a pool deck, which your contractors can help create.


A driveway needs to be tough and durable. You'll get that from exposed aggregate, which consists of robust cement and aggregates. Concrete can withstand heavy vehicles and endure through elements such as rain, hail, sun and wind.

Make sure to seal the paving as recommended by your contractor. Besides that, it doesn't require much upkeep. You may need to use a leaf blower or a hose now and then to get rid of leaves and dirt. A bonus for driveways is that the texture and multi tones of exposed aggregate disguise oil leaks and stains, helping maintain the paving's beautiful appearance.

Contact a local concrete service to learn more about your options.

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