Why You Should Hire Slipform Contractors for Your High-Rise Construction Project

Concrete is arguably one of the most versatile construction materials today. It is more robust and easier to construct, and after forming, it yields durable structures that last for decades. There are different methods you can use to form and mould concrete. However, slipform construction is the most advanced and popular technique.  

Slipform contractors mix and pour concrete to form a mould. They then allow it to dry for several weeks. Usually, a periodic inspection is conducted to assess any form of cracking or other potential flaws. Read on to learn the top benefits of hiring slipform contractors for your high-rise concrete structures.

Slipform Offers Easier Setup 

Conventional concrete building methods involve pre-moulding the necessary parts and transporting them onsite after they're fully cured. This approach is very time-consuming and noneconomic. However, when you hire slipform contractors, they apply the mould where necessary to prepare the concrete foundation. As such, your construction project kicks off immediately without you worrying about mould transportation and its challenges. 

Since the operation happens onsite, your construction process is much quicker and more efficient. Slipform contractors can even take up other construction aspects while waiting for the mould to dry up. Slipform construction guarantees timely project deliveries as per your schedule. 

Require Only a Single Setup

Another considerable advantage of slipform construction is that contractors don't need to set up the mould as the project progresses. They design the slipform to resemble a finished structure's shape under construction. Consequently, they create a precise and detailed structure, which helps cut down project timelines. 

If you manage the construction project, you must select the slipform and assess it to determine whether it is highly durable and fit your high-rise building. Doing so ensures a smooth construction process without worrying about future amendments. 

Ensures a Smoother Finish

One primary concern for most contractors is the overall quality of the finish when using conventional concrete moulding methods. However, slipform allows them to design structures that are free from imperfections and fins. Slipform construction eliminates the need to redo the work by ensuring a smooth and perfect finish. Other concrete mouldings will introduce rough finishes that must be reworked. In turn, this causes delays in project delivery. 

Final Thoughts 

Indeed, slipform offers impeccable outcomes to your construction project. Consider finding a reputable slipform contractor with experience setting up slipforms and following the procedures exactly. That will guarantee high-quality high-rise structures that are more durable and affordable. Reach out to a slipform contractor near you to learn more.

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